5 Days In Penang

Penang is one of the best known and most-visited destinations of Malaysia. This is a place that has embraced modernity while holding on to the old world charm and traditions. Penang is called the Pearl of the Orient. There are several activities and sights that you can experience when you visit this island. This place has a natural beauty and cultural splendor that you will not find in any other place. The Malay translation of its name means ‘Betel Nut’. Every year several visitors come to experience the exclusive scenery and the cultural heritage of the place.

There are some must-see places that you should cover in the itinerary of your visit. Given below is the list of places that you should visit in a five day tour to Penang.

Day One: Penang Hill

Penang Hill which is officially known as the Flagstaff Hill has a height of 821 meters above sea level. This is one of the most popular attractions of Penang. Penang Hill is the most developed peak out of a group of peaks in Penang.

All the way from the top, you can have a view of the entire island in one go. You can reach the top with a funicular train that takes you to your destination in rather quickly these days. You will find that the fares are quite different for locals and tourists. They run from 6:30am to 9pm. So you have quite some time to discover the peak if you so choose to. If you are keen you can trek your way to the top or take an off road motorbike onto the ‘jeep track’ that starts from the Botanical Gardens and take you to the top. the 5.1km hike takes around 3 hours.

At the peak you will find a Hindu temple, mosque and a church. You can also enjoy a snake show.


Day Two: Botanical Gardens

On day two, visit the Penang Botanic Gardens. Also known as the waterfall gardens due to the nearby waterfalls. The original site was established in 1884, so it is a quite well established park. You can even have a private tour to discover the gardens along with it its history, alternately you can wonder around yourself in this beautiful and peaceful setting.

Penang Botanical Gardens

Day Three: Escape Adventureland

On the third day make it a point to visit Escape Adventureland. Here, you will have a thrilling and emotionally charged experience which can be one of the best in your life. The special attraction of this park is zip lining. There are several other rides and activities around the park. This park is sure to give you the adrenaline rush that you were waiting for.

You can visit the Adventure Zone Theme Park on the fourth day. It is a family park and, in case you are travelling with kids, it will keep them occupied. It has about thirty activities and divided into three different zones. There are some rides that have been designed particularly for children. You can also chill out at the on-site café, availing the free Wi-Fi.


Day Five: Made in Penang Interactive Museum

A visit to the Made in Penang Interactive Museum will shake off your idea that a museum is a boring place with old stuff. It has a 3D imagery features to view the artworks of the museum. You will be absolutely excited to be a part of this interactive museum. The pictures in the museum range from the images of battleships that are being blown up by cannons to typical horror movie characters.

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