5 Days In Langkawi

Though it is not as rowdy as beaches of Thailand or posh as the shoreline of California, Langkawi is still inexorably appealing. There are natural landscapes, expansive parks, and several iconic structures, that you should not miss out on while you are here.

The pristine beaches of Langkawi, especially , Pantai Cenang, Tanjung Rhu, and Datai Bay have been rated as the best beaches in the world. Langkawi offers a wide range of things to do for travelers.

Here our a suggestion for a 5 day trip around Langkawi:

Day One:

Best way to get around on Langkawi is on a scooter! If you have a car license or motorbike license, you can easily hire one. So unless you are with a big family, where a car may be more applicable, get one! On a scooted you will be able to see some beautiful, hidden beaches, enjoy the rainforest, and get to the waterfalls.

Make your first trip to the northern most tip of the island, where you will find the minutely developed Tanjung Rhu Beach and look around the area. There are centuries-old limestone caves, mangroves, waterways, limestone crags and sandy beaches make it a nature lover’s paradise. There are mangrove tours – capable of taking your breath away. You have to take a kayak or a boat. under guidance, and you will experience the estuaries of the island along with some fascinating geological formations. The tour organisers are also known to provide you with lunch.  Once you are done, there are sun chairs available, if you want some down time. Otherwise pay a visit to the Kraft Complex and get a touch of the local cultures and have a hands-on batik experience.

Finish off your day with a sumptuous local cuisine in an expensive restaurant.

Langkawi 1

Day Two

Lucky the island is not that big, so you can either opt to stay in Tanjung Rhu or come back the next day to check out the Cave of Legends.

This cave is off shore, so you will have to hop in a boat. Like many things this part of the world, this cave also has a legend. Legend has it that it is the cave of the kidnapped Princess of China, who was brought here by Garuda (the eagle of Lord Vishnu) to keep her from marrying the Prince of Rome. The Gods, felt that such union would be the end of the world.

You can even see a stone formation that looks like a sleeping princess here.

There are actually two caves on this island. With the access eased by a wooden ladder, you can have a look inside. Apart from many stone formations, there are some old Arabic scripts decorating the walls believed to be there since 1754.

Caves of Legends

Day Three

Check out the Oriental Village. You will have to hop into a cable car, and take it to the heights of 709 metres above sea level. The Oriental Village is an open air theme park as such.

A cable car ride to the Oriental Village is a place to visit on a bright sunny day. Apart from ATV riding and paintball, they also have a petting zoo and pony rides, an art complex and plenty of restaurants to choose from.

It is a simply spectacular ride to get up to these peaks, and once you are there you can prolong these amazing views by walking on the Sky Bridge. You may even get a glimpse of Thailand!


Day Four:

Let’s make this a day of relaxation by the pool, followed by a romantic sunset dinner cruise. There are various providers to choose from so choose carefully. With the amazing tropical sunsets, generally great Malaysian food you cannot go too wrong. There are cruises that offer even offer free flowing drinks on certain days. And you never know your luck, you may even meet some celebrities during the cruise.

If you are not all that into boating, head down to the night markets. Their foods are just as delicious, and will cost a lot less than a cruise. You can find grilled chicken or seafood, fresh juices, homemade ice tea, fresh fruits, salads, satay, samosas and many different sweets… The markets are generally on from 7-10pm, but you have to keep your eye out for the location as that chances!

Day Five

Before you head off the island of Langkawi, make sure you check out the Art in Paradise 3D Museum. Plenty of artwork and great opportunities for selfies, you can find yourself on a dinner plate of a panda or surfing the high waves of Hawaii. It is an amazing experience.

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