5 Days in Koh Samui

Koi Samui is the best destination for families or singles, old and young alike. Koh Samui is one of the most luxurious islands in Thailand. Most of the visitors tend to enjoy the long days on the private beaches of high quality resorts that have extraordinary views. If you want to go out and explore then here is a relaxed and gentle itinerary for five days.

First Destination: Hin Yai and Hin Ta


You will come across these provocative landmarks called ‘the grandmother’ and ‘the grandfather’. I cracked up laughing when I saw them! They are known as the Hin Yai and Hin Ta locally. These two famous landmarks are shaped as the genitals of a woman and a man respectively, in case you couldn’t pick it.

Couples suffering from infertility are known to visit this place from distant places in order to worship the rocks and cure their condition through prayer.

There is actually a local story surrounding the rocks. Grandma and Grandpa were trying to take their son to marry a girl on the island, when their boat capsized. Grandma and Grandpa couldn’t swim, as such they died at sea, but the story has it that their bodies turned into the rocks that you see today.

Another very striking feature of the island is the aqua lagoon that surrounds the rocks.

Second Destination: Lady Boy Show

Check out a Ladyboy Cabaret show. You may be weirded out by this thought, but ladyboys are well accepted in Thailand. They even refer to them as the ‘third sex’. They have been around for many many years, even generations and are world famous for their entertainment and glitzy shows.

A typical show involves lip-synched interpretations of popular songs, complete with elaborate costumes and make-up. Some of the performances are skilfully choreographed and the tone is light-hearted, sprinkled with glitter and glitz. In Koh Samui their cabaret shows are located at Chaweng Beach.



Third Destination: Elephant Trekking In The Jungle

Elephants are the national animal of Thailand. They hold them in high regard. Nevertheless, you can go trekking in the Thai jungles sitting atop elephants. The cost for the whole elephant trip is fairly low compared to other activities, and there are generally several things you can do with them, like trekking, or even bathing with them.

Although after seeing what the elephant does in the ‘pool’ I wouldn’t recommend that, unless you are bathing with them in a natural pool. I also didn’t envy the boy that needed to clean that mess up.

If you are going trekking, you will get a whole view of the jungle which is absolutely breathtaking. You will come across a variety of incredible birds and plants inside the jungle most of which you may not have seen before.

Elephant ride

Fourth Destination: Sea Safari in the Marine Park

On the fourth day you can go on a sea safari in the Angthong Marine National Park. You can visit the Mae Kho Island, Tai Phow Island, Wao Island. When you visit these islands on your speed boat, you will be able to see the clear blue water of the ocean. It will be thrilling ride with awesome scenic beauty all around you.

Once there you can choose to go diving, snorkelling, kayaking, even rock climbing. It is like natures playground for you.


Fifth Destination: Buddha Temple

Go on tour of the temples around Koh Samui. The Wat Phra Yai Buddha Temple, that is near Koh Samui Airport in the north-eastern corner of the island. It is rather large, being 12 meters tall and was built in the year 1972. It is the major landmark of Koh Samui.

The Mara posture of Buddha serves as a symbol of steadfastness, enlightenment and purity.

This place is not just about the temple, there are several stalls selling, artefacts, clothes, amulets and the likes at the base of the Buddha. There are also food stalls in case you get peckish after having climbed the vast number of stairs leading up to this monument.



There are other many popular temples, like the Wat Khunaram, which are worth visiting. Wat Khunaram is the said to be a home of a mummified monk. This is one of the most active temples of Thailand.

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