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5 Amazing Places In India To Visit With Your Best Friend – Best Place Vacation

5 Amazing Places In India To Visit With Your Best Friend

A long mile walk with a friend is more cherishing, joyful, and livelier than walking it alone! A best friend is the best companion when you are lonely and when you are joyful. He or she is also a preferable companion when you are scraping through the downside of life. It is certainly your best friend that will hold your hand and help you pass through the dark side of life.

So, if your best friend is there alongside you during the hard times of your life so why not during the fun time of your life? How about a travel trip with your best friend? Won’t that be a moment for you to cherish and remember in every phase and every moment of your life? What are the places that you can visit in India with your best friend? Well, here is a list of few extravagant places all across India that you can pay a visit to.


  • Pangong Lake, Ladakh

Ladakh is one heavenly place that you can visit with your best friend. Yes, certainly the Pangong Lake is an ethereal place that you must pay a visit to. If you and your friend are a lover of mountains and water then this is an ideal place for you to visit. The cotton candy clouds in the sky do certainly add elegance and beauty to the natural environment.


  • Rafting And Camping In Rishikesh

Are you and your friend adventure lovers? Do you like experiencing thrilling events in life? Well, then visiting Rishikesh for rafting and camping is the best option for you and your friend. Rishikesh is one of the most favored places when it comes to adventure sports. Raft through the mystical waters of the Ganges. You and your friend are certainly going to go through an adrenaline rush. Rocky terrains and green stretches are the best place for you both to do camping and enjoy other types of adventurous sports.


  • Living Root Bridges, Meghalaya

You must have come across the wildness of the woods in fairytale movies. Are you looking to enjoy the same experience in real life? Well then do not miss out on visiting the Living Root Bridges in Meghalaya. The bridge is basically framed with roots which are about 100 feet long and have the capability of taking the weight of about 50 people in one go. The Living Root Bridges, Meghalaya is also acclaimed by UNESCO to be a World Heritage Site.


  • Chadar – The Frozen River

 Have you heard anyone boasting about traveling in a frozen river or waterbed? Do you and your friend want to boast about walking over a frozen river to your friends and relatives? Then certainly you must plan for Chadar trek to walk over the Chadar River. Protected by mighty mountains the river flows between them. Due to low temperature the river stays frozen.


  • Andaman Islands – Explore The Coral Reefs By Doing Scuba Diving

 Are you and your friend looking to visit the water kingdom? Then you must visit the Andaman Islands. This is a place where you can enjoy scuba diving and let you eyes be mesmerized with attractive coral reefs under the water.    

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