4 Walking Tours Around Cape Town

Cape Town is the city with thousands of faces. It is the third populated city among the urban areas in South Africa. When you visit Cape Town you are mainly attracted to visit the harbor and the beaches. However, there are many historical buildings and enthralling architecture that will capture your heart. The city is also known to enchant the visitors by the frequently held cultural programs.

Freedom tour

This walking tour of the city takes you through the Robben Island. Nelson Mandela was kept in this prison for nearly eighteen years. The tour usually takes you through the oldest city of South Africa to enumerate the colonial and apartheid history of the country. The tour focuses on all those things that are in away related to Mandela, and his life of becoming a President from a prisoner.

The cooking tour of Bo-Kaap

When you take a tour of this neighborhood you will come across minarets. These minarets overlook cottages which are of dynamic colors. They are situated on the slopes of Signal Hill. The history of the area can be known through its food. The tour begins with the Bo-Kaap museum. The museum narrates the story of the neighborhood areas as well the Muslim Community of that area. The Muslim Community is said to have descended from slaves that were brought from Asia to this country by the Dutch. This is the inspiration for the different kind of Cape Malay dishes. These dishes include different types of aromatic curries. You are even taught to roll out rotis and make samosas or sambal which is side dish made with tomato and onion. These are an unusual hybrid of the flavors of Indian, Asian, Dutch and African.

Township secrets

This trip usually takes you around the various towns of the city. During your walk you can meet the local people. You can have lunch in places like Guguletu and Khayelitsa. The walk mainly focuses on the schemes that are made by the community to face various kinds of challenges. The township has adopted various innovative and creative ways to shape up its future. It also how the designs of the city has made it one of the socially acclaimed cities of the world.

Markets of the neighborhood

Food and craft market has become the main attraction of Cape Town. This market sells goods weekly to the sailors of the city. One of the top fashionable markets is the Neighbourgood. Each Saturday, stalls of boutique, galleries and gourmets are set up. They are joined along with artisans and band musicians to engage and entertain the people who come to visit the market.

Art tour of Woodstock

Woodstock the suburb that is situated among the docks which were full of factories and warehouses has now been transformed. The warehouses and the factories have been turned to art galleries and a venue of creative business. The art galleries are situated among crumbling Victorian cottages. You can take the pleasant experience of going through this street level art creations. The walls of the street have been covered by Murals. You will get the feel of this place as soon as you enter streets by its galleries, restaurants, and the shops.

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