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3 Cities To Avoid Visiting Alone – Best Place Vacation

3 Cities To Avoid Visiting Alone

For travel freaks or even periodic travelers, the world is certainly a beautiful place where wonderful views and experiences can be gathered in a lifetime. With every trip made we get to learn a lot of new things and also create many memories. In fact we learn new things about ourselves when we visit new places, get involved with new cultures, new people. We basically get to discover new realms of ourselves. However, every place has got something memorable to deliver and give to the tourists, but there are certain places or locations that can be a threat for a tourist. It is certainly not just pickpocket theft or minor taxi cab scams.

There have been many instances where innocent tourists have faced sexual assaults, kidnapping, shootouts, and other grievous crimes. This is the reason Governments make it a point to inform their citizens to be aware of certain places when they plan for a tourism visit. So, which are the most dangerous places in the world that you need to be careful when you visit?

Bogota, Colombia

Panaromic view of Bogota

Panaromic view of Bogota

The capital of Colombia, Bogota is a vibrant place for tourists to visit. It is an industrial city which situated in the heart of the city. Bogota is well known for producing the finest quality coffee and also growing breath-taking flowers. Hundreds of American tourists visit Bogota all throughout the year. The reason for their visit is mainly cultural studies, tourism, and also volunteer work. However, the dark face of this place is that it is also noted to be one of the most dangerous cities for western tourists.

Drug cartels, terrorist organizations, and also armed street gangs have got significance influence in the capital city of Colombo. It is noticed that western travelers are certainly the easiest targets for crime. So, irrespective of which nationality you belong being travelers to Bogota always stay alert.

Mexico City, Mexico


Mexico is one of the closest cities to North America and thousands of people do cross the border for tourism, or to visit their friends, family, and relatives. This city has been under the scanner of media focus for a very long time for the simple reason that the rate of violence is high in this city. Crimes like assaults, mugging, and also kidnapping are very common in this city. It is a wise advice to all women travelers to avoid taking a cab at night in this city.

Lima, Peru


This is one of the historic cities in South America. It is also a gateway to Machu Picchu. Just like any other place criminals are even present in this place and most of the criminal act generally takes place with the tourists. For criminals, tourists are the easiest victim. They are very much vigilant in the city and are always in the lookout for unsuspecting tourists.

Hijacking is one of the most common criminal acts that take place in this city. Tourists also need to be aware of the fake taxi service that goes around in this city. Kidnapping, assault, and hijacking take place mostly during the night in empty roads.          


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