3 Amazing Places to Visit In The World

Are you a travel freak? Do you love travelling to the most amazing places in the world? Well, travelling is definitely a great way to explore the beauty of the world. Mother Nature has gifted us with the most amazing natural beauty that you can think of. However, sometimes it is certainly very difficult to take out time from the daily hefty schedule that you follow. But, does it mean that you deprive yourself of visiting these spectacular places? Well, earning money is certainly a priority for the welfare of yourself and your family but, what about your inner peace? Does that not have any value?

Well, it is certainly a positive step to invest your hard earned money into traveling. So, if you have made up your mind about traveling to these amazing places in the world then don’t you want to know about those places? Well, here is a list of the best places that you can travel alone or with your family.

Fez, Morocco

For over ten years the best tourist place in Morocco has been Marrakesh. However, the tables have turned today. Fez, another place of Morocco which is about 240 miles in the northeast of Morocco has become the new age of attraction for tourists. The best things about Fez are the riads. These have been transformed into restaurants, hotels and also galleries.

The most apt place to stay is the hotel Sahrai which has got 50 rooms among which most of them are overlooking the Infinity pool. There are also other attractive places to live in Fez is the Karawan Riad.


Cuba once a place of terror for tourists has actually become very friendly recently. There are less of travel restrictions than before. You can certainly take the assistance of Central Holidays, Insight Cuba, and also Smithsonian Journeys to explore the beauty of Cuba. You can certainly visit various World Heritage Sites a fine example would be Trinidad. Apart from that, you can also visit the famous jazz musicians who reside there. Make a tour of a cigar factory. You can also make a stay in the golf resorts present in Cuba. You can certainly take the tour of the waters in Cuba boarding various luxurious yachts.


You must be aware of the recent political disturbance that has occurred. However, this factor was unable to bring about any change in the frequency of tourist visit. the best part about visiting Istanbul is that it is wealthy in terms of its historical and cultural heritage. You visit various types of museums when you go to Istanbul. You can also pay a visit to various parks like the Gulhane Park, Emirgan Park. You can also come face to face with its marine life by visiting Istanbul Aquarium. Get friendly with dolphins at Istanbul Dolphinarium.

You can also try out the traditional food and cuisine of Istanbul. Visitors to Istanbul do not miss out on the tasty cuisine, food, and beverages. Not every place has got a happening nightlife, but Istanbul is completely different. You can certainly enjoy the best of nightlife at this place.                                  

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