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10 Most Beautiful Waterfalls of the World – Best Place Vacation

10 Most Beautiful Waterfalls of the World

There are many breathtaking waterfalls that are spread all across the globe. Every person will have a favorite waterfall that he or she likes better than the rest. Everyone would be familiar with the word Niagara Falls. But, there are a lot more waterfalls spread across the world that are as attractive as or even better than the popular Niagara Falls. Once you get to know a few more waterfalls, you will be amazed with  the amount of beauty that Mother Nature is carrying on her shoulders. The following are some of the best waterfalls in the world:

1. Kaieteur Falls, Guyana

One of the tallest single drop waterfalls in the world is the Kaieteur Falls in the Kaieteur National Park in Guyana. It looks to be in the shape of a rectangle from a distance and is about 714 ft tall and 370 ft wide.


Kaieteur Falls


2. Victoria Falls

The largest single waterfall in the world is Victoria Falls or Mosi-oa-Tunya. It is located in Zambia in Africa and has a width of about 1.7 kms and a height of 108 m. It is considered to be one of the seven natural wonders of the world. Tourists are awestruck by seeing its beauty and power.

Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls


3. Angel Falls, Venezuela

One of the highest uninterupted waterfalls in the world is Angel Falls, located in Venezuela. It is a spectacular sight to see the 979 meter high water plunging down from the top of the Auyantepui Mountain. Tourists flock in large numbers to see the waterfall spectacle.


Angel Falls


4. Detian Ban Gioc Falls, Vietnam

One of the most attractive and visual waterfall treats for your eyes can be spotted along the Sino Vietnamese border known as the Detian Ban Gioc falls. It is the fourth largest waterfall that you will find along a national border dropping 30 meters.  The waterfall is separated into three falls by rocks and trees, and the thundering effect of the water hitting the cliffs can be heard from afar.



Detian Ban Gioc Falls


5. Niagara Falls, Canada

The most powerful and the most famous waterfall in North America is the Niagara Falls. It is also the biggest waterfall in terms of volume. It is a visual treat to the eye for every tourist visiting this part of the woods.



Niagara Falls

6. Jog Falls, India

The second highest plunge waterfall located in India is the Jog Falls or Joga Falls. There are many foreign tourists who visit this falls as it falls in harmony with the Great Himalayas. It is at its attractive best during the monsoons.



Jog Falls


7. Gullfoss Falls, Iceland

The most attractive and spellbinding waterfalls that you will come across in the world is Gullfoss Falls. It is located in Iceland in the Canyon of River Hvita. It is very popular among foreign tourists.


Gullfoss Falls


8. Plitvice Falls, Crotatia

One of the most popular falls that you will come across in Croatia is the Plitvice Falls of the Plitvice Lakes National Park. It is collection of falls that will make you feel as if you are in paradise. It is a must see spot for visitors visiting Croatia.



Plitvice Falls

9. Dettifoss Falls, Iceland

One of the largest and the most powerful water gushing waterfall that you will find in the whole of Europe is the Dettifoss that is located in Northeast Iceland. It offers one of the most breathtaking and spectacular sights for all people who love to see water flowing.


Dettifoss Falls


10. Yosemite Falls, USA

If you are on a visit to California, then you should never miss visiting Yosemite falls, one of the tallest waterfalls in the world. It measures about 2425 feet and can be seen from various viewpoints.



Yosemite Falls


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