10 Island Snacks You Must Try

If you can’t be in the islands, you can bring the islands home to you with these 10 tasty island snacks. From Icelandic caviar to Pusser’s Rum Cake, there’s something for everyone.

Grenada Chocolate

Organic and made with cocoa grown on small farms as part of a Grenada co-op, Grenada Chocolate is as sustainable as it is sweet. The rich, fruity flavor is like a taste of the islands in your living room.

Icelandic Caviar

Wild-caught and imported from Iceland, this caviar is perfect mixed with cream cheese and spread on a bagel with lox.

Japanese Snack Pack

If you like variety and are feeling a little adventurous, this Japanese Snack Pack contains an assortment of 34 popular Japanese snacks. Gather your friends and do a blind taste test — most of the packaging is in Japanese — or treat yourself to a surprise daily snack.

Maui Onion Macadamia Nuts

Take 100 percent Hawaiian-grown macadamia nuts, roast them and add a generous helping of savory Maui onion flavor and you’ve got these Maui Onion Macadamia Nuts, the perfect snack beach-going or sports-watching.

New Zealand Chocolate Orange Candy

Popular in New Zealand, Jaffas, named for Jaffa oranges, are small round candies featuring a chocolate center wrapped in a crispy orange-flavored coating.

Pusser’s Rum Cake

A rum cake is a rum cake, right? Wrong. Only Pusser’s Rum Cakes are made with premium Pusser’s Rum from the famous British Virgin Islands pub of the same name. The intensely flavored rum makes this one of the world’s most flavorful rum cakes.

Authentic Ramen

These aren’t your 99 cent noodles. This assortment contains four flavorful servings of ramen from diverse parts of Japan, offering an authentic taste of the island.

Taiwanese Pineapple Cake

A traditional Taiwanese pastry that’s typically served or given as gifts around Lunar New Year, these Pineapple Cakes pack pineapple filling into a shortbread-like cake.

Thai Squid Snack

Why a concerned-looking squid is waving a fan with the Japanese flag on the package of these Thai squid snacks, we’ll never know. But these sweet and spicy snacks pack some tasty heat and are best washed down with an ice-cold beer, preferably Singha.


The good thing about Vegemite is… well, there’s nothing good about Vegemite. But seriously, it’s not as bad as all that. What trips people up is the fact that it looks a bit like Nutella, leading people to think it will be sweet, when in reality it’s savory. The flavor can best be described as salty and yeasty. Best used sparingly, it makes an interesting complement to buttered toast or goes great in a grilled cheese sandwich.

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