Why do Holidaymakers Return to Chamonix Year After Year?

After heavy snowfall in the early part of December, the Grands Montets ski station opened one weekend ahead of schedule and it was easy to get excited about the long ski season ahead. However, this is not the only good piece of news recently announced in Chamonix.

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In November, the Compagnie du Mont Blanc, who operate the ski lifts in the valley, announced their plan to invest nearly 500 million Euros into improving the lift system over the next forty years, which will include six new lifts. This will make it even easier to access the incredible terrain Chamonix Mont Blanc, one of the finest skiing locations in Europe, has to offer. The project was given the go ahead on December 6th 2013 and has created a lot of excitement for locals and ski enthusiasts around the globe.

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Chamonix has remained so successful due to projects like this, which allow holidaymakers to enjoy the mountains and their surroundings in the most efficient and time saving manner possible. Furthermore, Chamonix is a stunning town, which boasts a wide range of activities for skiers and non-skiers alike, allowing those less fond of the slopes to take in museums, fine restaurants and shopping for luxury brands.

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A further motivation for returning holiday-makers is the quality of the accommodation. With some of the most luxurious ski chalets in France, those who choose Chamonix can enjoy the best facilities. What better way to spend an evening relaxing than in some of the finest accommodation you can imagine? Several lodges come complete with hot tubs, saunas and log fireplaces; the perfect way to warm up on a cold winter evening.

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The area is home to some outstanding skiing for beginners and experts alike; the slopes in the Chamonix valley have some of the best views around. Even those with less skiing experience can test slopes at high altitudes and make the most of the fantastic scenery. For those looking for a luxury ski holiday, Chamonix really does have it all. The best news of all? There is still at least four months of skiing to be done.

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