Top 5 Most Popular Beaches In Sydney

Sydney is known all over the world for its sandy beaches and unique tourist attractions, like the Opera House. Did you know that Sydney has no less than 100 beaches along the coast of the ocean? In addition to this, here you can also find a wealth of isolated bays and harbors that can be easily reached if you opt for affordable campervan hire Sydney NSW.

Beaches In Sydney
Beaches In Sydneysachman75 / / CC BY-NC-ND

If you have come to Sydney with your family for holidays, then you must certainly not miss the crystal clear water and the sun-kissed bodies on the beach. Coogee, Manly of Bondi are only three of the most popular beaches in Sydney, and here you will find detailed information about them:

1. The Manly Beach 

The Manly Beach is surrounded by luxurious shops and malls where you can purchase gifts and souvenirs for the loved ones. Despite the fact that it is very crowded (unlike other beaches in the North), the Manly Beach is still very popular as it is visited by hundreds of tourists and locals on a daily basis. If you get bored of the hustle and bustle of the crowd, then you can easily hop in a ferry and go to the North, where the more isolated bays and beaches are. One thing is for sure: this beach is the perfect destination if you want to enjoy surfing.

Manly Beach
Manly Beach / CC BY-SA

2. The Coogee Beach 

The Coogee Beach is the very definition of a modern, fully-fitted beach with change rooms, modern toilets, showers and everything you need. It is mainly frequented by the young, and here you can find a wealth of bars and cafes where you can enjoy a cocktail during the hot summer days.

Coogee Beach
Coogee Beach blentley / Health Photos / CC BY-NC

In addition to the clean beaches and the fine sands, the Coogee Beach is also known for the amazing nightlife that attracts thousands of party people every night during the summer. The beach is open all year and there are numerous restored historic buildings around, so if you are passionate about history and you want to find out more about the traditions of the area, then the Coogee Beach is certainly the perfect location!

3. The Bondi Beach 

The Bondi Beach is always full during the weekend days, as here you can find a plethora of shops, malls and bars. The Bondi Beach is like Heaven on Earth for surfers, and it is considered to be the most popular and most crowded beach across Australia.

Bondi Beach
Bondi Beach Satoru Kikuchi / Beach Photos / CC BY

4. The Collaroy Beach 

The Collaroy Beach is very family-friendly as it is protected from wind – gentle, with fine sand and clear waters. Also, this beach attracts a wealth of beginner surfers since the waters are mild, unlike they are in other parts of the ocean. There are plenty of restaurants, café bars and shops in the area, therefore you will certainly not get bored around the Collaroy Beach!

collaroy beach
Collaroy Beach lacey cherokee / / CC BY-NC-SA

5. Tamarama Beach 

Last, but not least on our list of beaches in Sydney, Tamarama is also quite popular as it is small and relatively isolated, thus perfect for those who are not very fond of crowds. The strong currents in the area make Tamarama Beach the perfect destination for professional surfers and swimmers. Otherwise stated, this beach is intimate and it is the perfect place to go if you love privacy and you want to get a nice tan!

Tamarama Beach
Tamarama Beach Tim J Keegan / / CC BY-SA

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