The Best Sites in Israel

Israel is a small country but with so much to offer in the way of places to see and things to do that it puts virtually every other country, irrespective of size, in its little pocket. And due to the tiny size of Israel it makes it even more amenable to touring as to travel the country non-stop from north to south takes approximately 5-6 hours and to traverse Israel from east to west at its widest point wouldn’t take more than two hours. However, if you stop along the way to explore everything of interest, it could take you many a month.

Western Wall Israelbeggs / / CC BY

The most popular tourist site and for very good reason is the Western Wall. Once the outer western wall of the Second Temple of the Jewish people, this is the only remnant remaining of this golden period for the Jews. Jews and non-Jews come from all over the world to pray and even place a small note in the cracks of the ancient stones with bequests for wishes to be fulfilled.

If you have the opportunity, visit on Friday night when the Jewish Sabbath enters for a surreal feeling. Should you want to buy a property near this site expect to pay a pretty penny as this is Israel luxury real estate at its finest.

West Wall in Old City Jerusalem
Jewish SabbathVadim Lavrusik / / CC BY

A few hours drive to the north in the Western Galilee is Rosh Hanikra. Take the cable car to the top and view the incredible grottoes that have been formed over millennia out of the cliff face. The spectacular view is unlike any other.

The Dead Sea, Israel
The Dead Sea, Israeltsaiproject / / CC BY

Another compulsory site to see is the Dead Sea. Where else can you literally float on water without trying? The enormous concentration of salt in the water makes floating the norm and swimming virtually impossible. It is well known that the salt has medicinal properties for people with skin problems and the mud from the Dead Sea leaves the skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Eilat Coastline, In Vivid Colors
Eilat beach, Israellior shapira / Beach Photos / CC BY-NC

What would a trip to Israel be without a visit to the beach? At Israel’s other beaches – the Mediterranean Sea borders Israel’s east and the Red Sea is the holiday destination for Israeli’s in the city of Eilat. Both seas have something different yet alluring to offer. The Mediterranean coastline is pristine with fine sand and crystal clear water. The Red Sea is a diver’s and snorkeler’s paradise teeming with tropical fish in all their glorious shapes and colors.

The abovementioned sites are compulsory viewing, however, depending on your interests there is not only something but many things that will pique your interest and keep you coming back for more when you visit Israel.

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