Romantic Florida Honeymoon Guide

A romantic holiday with your partner is just what you want. A getaway to some exotic place with your beloved and a place to relax and enjoy some blissful peace can help you connect better with your partner. Florida with its great weather and beaches makes for a perfect spot to spend your honeymoon.

Honeymoon island
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What’s a trip to Florida without visiting any of its beaches? Miles and miles of soft white sand and blue waters and the sun in a calm mood – what more could you want? Whether you go for a ‘novel-inspired’ walk down the beach, holding hands and under the stars, or you simply experience the adrenaline rush by parasailing down a cliff or jet skiing across the waters – we leave it to you. Maybe even build a sandcastle to represent your love for her.  Like every place, this one too has its own specific spots where besotted couples hang out – the Lover’s Key and the Fort Meyers and Sanibel beaches.

Royal Treatment

Your other half is no less than a prince/princess and they deserve to have some royal treatment. Spring for a night of fine dining at the one of the city’s many luxurious hotels – go for one where a good view comes attached. Great food, soft music and the person you love the most with you – the evening is complete. Maybe head to the Ritz-Carlton, famous for its oceanic views and the excellent service, guaranteed to fulfill the wishes of anyone!

Night Outs

Go for a romantic dinner for two, on a cruise. Set sail and enjoy the night lights of Florida as you are treated to some excellent food and even live music. Dance with your partner and revel in the feeling of being married. Sip on some cocktails as you sail smoothly on the waters of sunny Florida.

Up Up and Above!

We have all imagined what it would be like to be a bird, soaring across the sky, looking down on the creations of God, now that is something you can’t really do – how about you enjoy a nice hot air balloon ride instead? Viewing the stunning vistas of Florida with your love – the experience is magical.

Of Islands and More…

The landscape of Florida is dotted with many islands that are full of things to do. One such place is the Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort at the Amelia Island where you can play golf or swim in one of their twenty pools, learn about the nature of the island or laze around. Head on to the St. Augustine – a place with old-city charm and explore the town together.

Disney Magic

It’s official. No one can resist the charm of Disney and a visit to the magical land where our childhood dreams come true is sure to be a magical one.  You would imagine Disney Parks to be one for children, but people often forget that one of the oldest and cutest couples of the world – Mickey and Minnie are here. Relive your childhood days and pose for pictures with your favorite characters or go for some fine dining treatment where the menfolk are all suited up and the women dressed to the ‘t’s’.

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