Reasons to visit Wales

Wales is a small country with so much to see and do. Part of the UK, it shares its border with England and boasts a long stunning coastline, along which you will find some fantastic beaches and breathtaking scenery.

Visit Wales

Visit Wales

It is steeped in culture and has a distinctive Celtic heritage. As well as a plethora of picturesque villages and towns, it also offers a number of modern and thriving cities. Getting there is easy if you check departures at Cardiff airport you will find flights to various parts of the UK as well as Europe and further afield.

Here are just some of the reasons why this small and welcoming country is well worth a visit.

The scenery

Wales is famous for its hills, valleys and mountains – making for some of the most spectacular scenery you will find anywhere. Climb to the top of Wales highest mountain – Snowden – and you will be met with an unforgettable view reaching to the coast of the Republic of Ireland to the east and Scotland and England to the west.


If you are a fan of history then Wales has got Castles galore. Some have been really well-preserved, others are little more than ancient ruins but there is no doubting the historical significance and appeal of these castles. Walking around the ancient grounds it is easy to imagine the battles that would have taken place there.

Wales Castles

Wales Castles

Beautiful beaches

It’s probably fair to say that winter in Wales is not ideal if you’re after a beach holiday. On sunny days however the beaches in Wales are spectacular. North Wales is particularly noted for its beaches, especially the island of Anglesey and there are also many fine examples of Welsh beaches along the stunning Pembrokeshire coast.


Cardiff – the capital

A lively and cultural city Cardiff has a truly cosmopolitan feel with fantastic nightlife, excellent shops and great restaurants. There is so much to see in the Welsh capital among which are: Cardiff Castle, The Millenium Stadium, the National Museum of Wales, Cathay’s Park Bute Park Cardiff Bay Visitor Centre and the Senedd.

The Welsh people

Last, but certainly not least, the Welsh people really make this small country special. Warm, welcoming and full of fun the people of Wales take real pride in their heritage. Most noted for their national sport of rugby they are the essence of this beautiful and historic country.

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