6 Amazing Countries To Visit

We tend to find that most people travel to the same holiday destinations time and time again. This could be because they’re a little unsure if other countries and resorts will provide them with a matching experience, but that really isn’t the way we should be looking at travel. For the most part, visiting different countries shouldn’t be about the level of luxury you encounter, far from it. Visiting other nations should reflect your need for learning about different cultures and finding common ground with new and interesting people.

Over the last ten years, I’ve been to more than 14 countries and met some of the most unique and fascinating people in existence. This article has been written to encourage you to do the same, even if on a smaller scale. So, if you’re interested in taking a decent holiday for a change this year, and you want to spend your time learning about cultures you’ve never encountered before, give me your full attention, and I’ll spend the next five or six minutes discussing some places you might like to visit.

1 – Burma

For whatever reason, most people overlook Burma, but this is something we should aim to change in the near future. The people here have a long and alluring history, of which they’re more than happy to educate foreign tourists. If you’ve never really heard much about this place before, there are a couple of great ebooks available online.

BurmaFoter / CC BY

2 – China

Some people are a little worried about what will happen when the Chinese people overtake the U.S to become the next major superpower. However, if history teaches us anything, it’s that we really don’t have the worry. You’ll want to book at least two or three weeks if you come here to ensure you don’t miss any of the sights.

Terracotta pmorgan
ChinaPeter Morgan / Foter / CC BY

3 – Japan

As it’s now one of the most technologically advanced nations on the planet, those of you who enjoy checking out all the new gadgets should definitely spend some time on the island. Although there was a dangerous nuclear problem a couple of years ago, this is mostly sorted now.

Byodoin Phoenix Hall Uji 2009
JapanFoter / CC BY-SA

4 – India

People who travel to India on holiday, tend to spend at least a month or two here, probably because the country is so large, and it’s incredibly cheap to live. Make sure you do the same, as this will allow you to better understand the Indian people, and their struggles.

Handicrafts seller
IndiaFoter / CC BY-SA

5 – Korea

If you can find a way to get into the North and visit people there, I’d say you should go for it. For the most part though, western tourists have to travel to the south. In most instances, you’d first have to travel to China, and then enter DPRK through the border there.

Korean sword dance-Jinju geommu-03
KoreaSJ Yang / Foter / CC BY-SA

6 – South Africa

I’ve not spoken to many people who’ve been here, but my own trip back in 2005 was absolutely awe-inspiring. There’s just so much space; it’s incredible. Also, there aren’t many political problems in this country any more, so you should definitely check it out.

Ethiopian Tribes, Suri
South AfricaDietmar Temps / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

If you start making plans now, there’s no reason why you couldn’t be out enjoying the many positive aspects of these countries within the next couple of months. Personally, I’d start with Korea, but that’s just my own preference.

Have a great time!

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