The 3 Most Bizarre Honeymoon Locations

Despite the cynicism that surrounds marriage in 2013, it remains an increasingly popular practice among UK citizens. With the number of civil ceremonies rising significantly throughout Britain, it appears as though couples are rediscovering their appreciation of marriage and the value that it can add to their relationship.

The provisional number of marriages in England and Wales increased by 3.7% in 2010, and this trend has continued steadily in the two years since. As a result of this, there are also a growing number of couples who are looking to make plans for their honeymoon, which traditionally represents a celebration of their union and matrimony.

3 Unusual Honeymoon Destinations

As the barriers of international travel have been gradually diminished by technological and social advancement, a more diverse range of alternative honeymoon destinations has appeared on the consumer market.

So instead of visiting the coast of Spain or booking a two week trip to the Caribbean, newlyweds are now able to access more unique and unusual destinations.

Unusual Honeymoon Destinations
Unusual Honeymoon DestinationsNot enough megapixels / / CC BY-NC-ND

Consider the following far flung locations as being ideal for your alternative honeymoon plans: –

  • Tunisia in North Africa

While Tunisia may be a popular and tourist friendly Mediterranean country, it is not particularly well known as a honeymoon location. One if its’ main appeals is its unique meld of cultural attractions and values, which mark as an ideal destination for couples who come from mixed backgrounds and geographical locations.

Tunisia is known as a relatively progressive Muslim country, which means that visitors can tap into the region’s strong cultural identity, while also enjoying the trappings of contemporary living.

Blessed with hot sun and glorious golden shores, it offers couples access to one of the most diverse and enjoyable honeymoon spots in the whole world.

Whilst you are in the North of Africa, why not also check out Leptis Magna and Cyrene – two of the continent’s most impressive archaeological sites?

  • Austria in Eastern Europe

While Austria remains one of the most cultured and romantic cities in the world, it is not renowned as a common honeymoon destination. Despite the presence of elegant cities such as Vienna and Innsbruck, newlyweds are often enticed to surrounding resorts in nations such as France and Italy.

With its unrivalled Alpine beauty, cultural heritage and wonderfully-rustic mountain railways, Austria is a unique destination that provides an ideal backdrop for your honeymoon excursion.

The understated appeal of Austria means that is also less busy than other potential locations, which allows you to enjoy your honeymoon in relative and splendid isolation.

  • The Dolomites in the Italian Alps, Southern Europe

The traditional honeymoon break is perceived as a time for relaxation and restoration, where newlyweds enjoy a period of calm after planning the biggest day of their lives.

For fans of adventure and thrill seeking however, a honeymoon provides the ideal opportunity to indulge in their shared passions and embark on married life with a high octane experience.

The Dolomites is a mountain range in the soaring reaches of the Italian Alps, and it is ideal for couples who wish to infuse a little adventure and excitement into their honeymoon. The very embodiment of a winter wonderland, the Dolomites are widely regarded as one of the most attractive and challenging mountain landscapes in the world, and offer something a little different to recently married couples.

Whether you wish to celebrate your marriage with a South American sojourn or an intimate cruise along the picturesque Rhine River, there are numerous travel packages to help bring your dreams into reality.

Thanks to innovative travel operators such as Shearings holidays, alternative honeymoon destinations are now more accessible and affordable than they have ever been.

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